The Angel in Human Body

Saturday, November 10, 2012
As annual Victoria´s Secret Fashion show is approaching into our TVs and PCs, I´d love to draw your attention to new super sexi and beautiful angel Barbara Palvin. She´s Hungarian (it´s just true that the prettiest girls come from Eastern Europe :)), she was born in 1993 (19 years old) and many people from modelling remark her as younger Natalia Vodianova (btw another Eastern beauty from Russia). I noticed her like one year ago, although she was discovered already in 2006. She hasn´t really got measurements for high fashion (she´s 171cm high and not as bony as many others HF models, good for her :)) so it´s been only a matter of time when she became the VS angel. She has such a beutiful perfect face, it totally suits her to represent angel in human body. I can´t really wait for show 

I think it was such a good choice to put Barbara Palvin in the Victoria´s Secret Fashion Show, the show that is most glamorous than any other fashion event and EVERY woman would change the body and the whole apperance in show with the models. Well, isn´t Barbara beautiful? Check the pics below (they´re not mine, just randomly found on the internet). Btw if some of you know where can I watch the video from VSFS 2012, pls let me know.

3 good things for today:
1. I woke up in new apt. (doesn´t matter it was only 7am), 
2. had a 2-hours sleep in the afternoon (because of early wake up),
3. another lazy day, Im curious whats the evening gonna bring (probably nothing exciting). 


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