Chicken Lunch

Wednesday, November 14, 2012 0 comments
After some time, Im coming with another recipe. Because I ve moved away and started living with my boyfriend, Im literally supposed to cook. Better say, learn to cook. Today, I was really hungry and had no idea what to cook. I was browsing on the internet looking for some dish with chicken meet. I found kari chicken breast with pinapple in pinapple creamy sauce and rise. I didnt captured the whole process of preparation since I got mad about cutting raw meat that I basily hated. Then after cooking it all, I prepared rise, which was another problem. Overall, it turned out pretty well and I could finally eat something hot and delicious. 

I will add the photos later because I forgot cable from camera at home home. Hope you understand. <3 For now, here´s the picture of pinapples :))

Many many pinapples found randomly on the Internet :))

3 good things for today:
1. I love these mornings when the sun is shining and I open all windows and breath fresh air while drinking coffee. It actually happened today.
2. I made really tough homework from french in quite short time. Not sure about the quality but I accomplished at least the quantity.
3. I cooked really good food (even the rise wasnt that perfect).
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