Let's talk about HUUUGE RINGS!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012 10 comments
Elizabeth Taylor once said: Big girls need big diamonds. Well, I don't wear diamonds (because I haven't got enough money for them) but I totally love big rings. When it comes to jewelry, big coctail rings are my favs. I prefer these two (on the pictures below), I can't even remember when and where I bought them but they're so perf. People usually notice the black one because it looks a bit like a piece of coal or stone. My dream is to own Arty Ring from YSL, but if I (and also you) want to own it, you have to act immediately because ppl from YSL won´t be making them anymore! 

3 good things for today: I 
1. wake up at 10.30 because yesterday, I had to woke up really early,
2. drunk coffee with milk while watching one of my favs series,
3. my nails are finally polished, I handled it pretty well! (you can see on pics below)

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