Eternal Problems

Friday, February 8, 2013 0 comments
Today I looked into the mirror and told myself: Oh Holy Jesus...shame on you, girl!!! Well, I did it again. I was picking all my pimples and black dots and everything I spotted on the skin of my face. Now I feel terrible. Again. This is exactly like sort of addiction. When I do it I cant stop doing it and then when Im done I am disgusted by myself. I know that many of you guys have problem with picking too. Therefore I found some good videos with tutorials what to do or not to do this horrible activity. 
Here are some tips to beat the lust:

  • make your nails as short as possible so it is really hard to pick
  • or make them nicely long or make some interesting manicure so you wouldnt destroy it when picking
  • when the desire for picking absolutely got you, clean your face immediately so you would be dissapointed to make your face dirty again
  • wear make up in order to let your face look pretty so you wouldnt destroy it when picking
  • when putting make up off, clean your face directly
  • imagine that anybody could visit you and you would look like zombie
  • it the previous point doesnt work because nobody actually could come, imagine that you will look horrible tommorrow
  • find some other activity for your hands, like play with your hair, try new manicure or do anything else, for example puzzle :))
  • in my case, I do pick usually when Im having stress or feeling sad etc. Therefore think about the situation, prepare some strategy and get ready when you will feel like this again.
  • find some terrible examples on the internet how you will look like when you wont stop picking and notice how other girls have their skin clean and clear when they dont pick
  • tell your mum, friends or anybody who is in touch with you very often to warn you when you are about to start picking
  • put or write on the mirror to not to pick!
  • make a resolution that you wont pick for at least one week or two weeks or any time you want so you will see how beautiful your face is without picking. This could be pretty good motivation for not picking. You wont need so much makeup on your face and you will feel like a model!
Well, these are quite simple advices that work for me. Obviously, none of them works everytime I need so I often end up with giant red spots and stains and I feel guilty for my skin. I hope my addiction will sooner or later dissappear and I will find another activity instead of picking!

P. S. : If you have some tips and tricks or any experience with picking, put it in the comment please:)
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