How does it feel to be like Tabula Rasa?

Friday, October 19, 2012
If you have ever heard this expression, you better understand what I mean. Yesterday, before sleeping, I deleted whole message history in my phone. Well, it wouldn´t be such a big deal if there weren´t messages from 2 years ago. So much things happened during this time: I had a hard time with my first so-called boyfriend (better call him lover), was partying and then enjoying single status, meeting up with new friends, got to know my current boyfriend, travelled around much important in my life during this time. And I now deleted all the memories included in texts. Sounds ridiculous, but try to do this. It´s strange feeling. Like ... yeah, tabula rasa. Nowadays, I hope I´ll forget all the bad memories from this period of my life (that were pretty much) and start again. With love of my life and expectations for the future. Let´s hope it´ll be the best time and I´ll reach all I want (or at least almost of that) ... (or at least succesfully finish the studies :)) !

3 good things for today: I
1. started the day with morning coffee outside the house enjoying chill but still sunny weather;
2. had Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel (my favourite!);
3. cleaned the house and finally found my flash drive.

Pretty succesful day, huh? And it´s not even afternoon! :) Have a good friday, everyone! xx


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